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Ganjlik Sport Centre

Our company MLc has completed the installation of coating and equipment for one of the private sports schools in Azerbaijan

Ganjlik Sport Centre

Our team installed high-quality flooring and equipment for a private sports school in the city of Baku. We equipped both outdoor and indoor tennis courts.

Project Info :


Private sports school




Baku, Azerbaijan

About project

Since 2009, our company MLc has been actively collaborating with the private sports school Ganjlik Sports Centre in the city of Baku for many years. Our partnership began with the first project involving the installation of indoor tennis courts. We put maximum effort into providing these courts with high-quality flooring and equipment, aiming to create ideal conditions for sports activities.

One of the key advantages of our company is providing a long-term warranty for our work — in this case, 10 years. This means that we don’t just complete the project and leave, but continue to maintain its technical condition and functionality for a long time. Over the past 10 years, we have been providing technical maintenance for these courts and conducting repair works upon the client’s request.

Furthermore, our partnership with Ganjlik Sports Centre has grown and developed, and in 2020, we received a new request for the reconstruction and renovation of outdoor courts. This demonstrates our long-term and successful collaboration, as well as the client’s trust in our competence and professionalism.

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