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Joan Serrahima Municipal Stadium

Our team has completed the installation of flooring and equipment at one of the athletics stadiums in Spain

Joan Serrahima Municipal Stadium

At the request of our partners at Beynon, our team headed to sunny Barcelona for the reconstruction of the Joan Serrahima Municipal Stadium

Project Info :




June 2017


Barcelona, Spain

About project

In 2017, at the request of our partner company Beynon, the NeoPark consortium traveled to Barcelona to install flooring and equipment at the Joan Serrahima Municipal Stadium, a track and field venue. Our team approached this project with meticulous attention to detail and professionalism, characteristic of all our endeavors.

We took into account the peculiarities of the region’s hot climate to select suitable materials and equipment capable of withstanding intense use and challenging weather conditions, ensuring the stadium’s long-term and effective operation.

Approaching this project, our team aimed not only to complete the task but also to exceed the client’s expectations, creating conditions that would support high-level training and events at the stadium for many years to come.

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