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Organization and conduct of training processes (sports fees)

Sports Training Base

Our sports training facility offers ideal conditions for sports activities and workouts. Modern facilities and equipment, experienced coaches, and comfortable surroundings ensure a high level of preparation and effective training. Regardless of your experience level or athletic goals, you will find everything you need here to achieve success and improve your performance.

Comfortable accommodation and exclusive sports nutrition

Our hotel offers comfortable accommodation for athletes with a focus on proper nutrition. Rooms are equipped with everything needed for full rest and recovery after training sessions. Special attention is paid to nutrition: the hotel restaurant offers balanced dishes developed by dieticians. The menu is tailored to sports activities and individual athletes’ needs, providing them with all the necessary nutrients for optimal performance in sports.

Medical rehabilitation center

The medical rehabilitation center provides athletes with rehabilitation services after injuries and intense workouts. The latest achievements in sports medicine and physiotherapy are used here to accelerate the recovery process. Qualified specialists develop individual treatment programs that help athletes return to training as soon as possible. The center also conducts preventive examinations and consultations on optimizing the training process and preventing future injuries.

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More than 25 years in step with professional sports.

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