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Metallurg stadium in Elektrostal

A complete set of works was carried out to create a field hockey stadium in Elektrostal

Metallurg stadium in Elektrostal

Neopark Consortium reconstructed the field hockey stadium in the city of Elektrostal upon the request of the Russian Field Hockey Federation.

Project Info :


Russian Field Hockey Federation


July 2016


Elektrostal, Russia

About project

In 2016, the Neopark Consortium successfully completed a project to install covering at the «Metallurg» stadium in the city of Elektrostal. This project was a significant step in the modernization of sports infrastructure in the region. Our team proudly accepted the challenge and approached each stage of the work with special attention.

In executing this project, we made every effort to ensure the high quality of the covering installation, meeting the most modern standards. We took into account all the technical and climatic features of the area to provide our clients with optimal conditions for sports activities.

This project confirmed our reputation as a reliable partner in the construction of sports facilities and highlighted our commitment to providing high-quality solutions for our clients.

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