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Tofik Bahramov Republican Stadium

A complete set of works was carried out to create an arena for EYOF 2019

Tofik Bahramov Republican Stadium

Neopark Consortium played a pivotal role in creating the ideal arena for hosting the European Youth Olympic Festival in Baku.

Project Info :


Olympic Committee
of Azerbaijan


July 2019


Baku, Azerbaijan

About project

The construction and equipping of the Republican Stadium named after Tofik Bahramov in Baku for the European Youth Olympic Festival was a large-scale and meticulously planned process. This unique stadium represents a symbol of modern sports infrastructure and reflects our ability to realize ambitious projects.

The first stage involved preparing the construction site, including the dismantling of old structures and clearing the area. Next, we began building the stadium’s foundation, paying special attention to its stability and safety. This stage required significant engineering solutions and high-quality materials.

Upon completing the construction of the foundation, we proceeded with the installation of modern sports flooring and equipment. The sports surface was selected in accordance with international standards for athletics and other sports disciplines. Advanced lighting systems were also installed, allowing competitions to take place even in the evening.

The final stage involved the professional marking of sports zones, ensuring precision and compliance with all international standards. As a result of our work, the stadium became ready to successfully host the European Youth Olympic Festival.

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