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Street Athletics in Baku

We hosted a world-class competition right in the heart of Baku city.

Street Athletics in Baku

Neopark Consortium transformed the central shopping street of Baku city into an arena for a world-class street athletics competition.

Project Info :


European Athletics Federation and Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan


June 2015


Baku, Azerbaijan

About project

Street Athletics Baku 2015 was one of the thrilling events in the world of street athletics. During this event, numerous athletes showcased remarkable skills and achievements, including world champions in athletics like Rafael Holzdeppe and Bohdan Bondarenko and the future Olympic champion who set a South American record, Tiago Braz da Silva.

In preparation for such a significant and important sporting event, we chose a venue in the heart of Baku, offering picturesque views and high attendance. Street Athletics Baku 2015 provided a unique opportunity for fans to meet the athletes and support them in real-time. The event contributed to increased interest in street athletics both in terms of competition and as a spectator sport.

In organizing the forum, we utilized modular constructions. The use of such structures allowed us to quickly set up and dismantle the competition venue. Certified materials and world-class equipment were employed. Local and international media were engaged to bring broader attention to the event. We also ensured that all athletes and their teams were accommodated in a top-tier hotel as close to the competition venue as possible for their convenience. Safety and comfort for all participants were paramount throughout the competition. All athletes were highly satisfied with the quality of the event, and we gained valuable experience for the future organization of similar forums.

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