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Athletics Stadium in Tbilisi

A complete set of works was carried out to create an arena for the first European Youth Athletics Championships

Athletics Stadium in Tbilisi

Neopark Consortium successfully prepared the Athletic Stadium in Tbilisi for the first-ever European Youth Athletics Championship in history.

Project Info :


Georgian Athletics Federation


July 2016


Tbilisi, Georgia

About project

The construction and equipping of the athletic stadium in Tbilisi for the European Youth Athletics Championship was a monumental task undertaken by our skilled team at Neopark Consortium. This significant project involved the meticulous planning and execution of both the construction and the fitting of state-of-the-art equipment essential for a championship of this magnitude.

Our work began with the development of a robust architectural plan that focused on both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the stadium. We then moved to the construction phase, ensuring that every aspect of the stadium met the highest standards of safety and quality. This involved the laying of a top-quality athletic track, the installation of comfortable and spacious seating for spectators, and the setting up of advanced lighting systems for optimal visibility during events.

Additionally, we equipped the stadium with the latest athletic equipment, including high-performance track and field gear, to provide young athletes with the best possible platform to compete. Special attention was given to the installation of state-of-the-art timing and scoring systems, ensuring accurate and fair competition.

The completion of the Tbilisi athletic stadium not only provided a world-class venue for the European Youth Athletics Championship but also marked a significant contribution to the development of sports infrastructure in the region.

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